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As a minister of Zhou, I have been ordered by the king to condemn the concubines and concubines of the former Shang Dynasty.

What the cloud mirror shows In the Water Curtain Cave of Huaguo Mountain, a group of monkey spirits jumped around, and there were also a group of powerful demon masters in the cave.

But in case Senior Brother Duobao directly opens up and gets thousands of eight hundred spirit treasures to explode, would not this collector is version of the fake body be instantly annihilated best results for male enhancement All in all, it is Taking Male Enhancement Pills prime labs testosterone booster a huge headache.

However, it is better to be rigorous, and you can not press all the treasures into one method. As a anabolix testosterone booster result, Li Yang thought of Lin Jiuzong.He is a human being, and his chances of obtaining the ultimate martial arts are naturally much greater than that of Li Yang, the snake.

This is the power of a special physique They are also two of the best martial arts practitioners, but their special physique can directly crush each other.

Li Yang thought about it and finally decided to give it a try.If he can travel between the primitive mountains and forests, Li Yang is road to the python will be much smoother.

Daozu can stop turmeric male enhancement him from moving unless he knocks down the Chaos Bell first. And the process of knocking down the Chaos Clock is enough for what Li Changshou wants to do.He verified countless times and was sure that he could finish all his arrangements I said that there is no upper and lower Dao, and there should be balance.

Li Yang murmured.The Beastmaster Buy Male Enhancement Pills Online best results for male enhancement could not be found here, and even there are very few beasts in the flesh realm, which will definitely slow down his growth rate greatly.

This idiot Li Yang rushed out in a hurry, and ran towards the What does viagra do after ejaculation .

1.Why is generic viagra so expensive

Can I use delay spray with viagra mountains along the footprints of Lin Jiuzong.

Xingjun, this matter does not have to be so rigid, Antarctica Xianweng glanced at Manjusri and said warmly, Now that the situation in Nanzhou has been settled, all mortal soldiers have been spared death because of this, and the people of various places can live in peace a few years earlier.

Solving the why doesnt viagra work for my husband Way of Empty, the Way of Empty Condition.Hongjun raised his hand and pointed a finger, and Li Changshou is body suddenly twisted into a ball, like a best results for male enhancement tablecloth being pulled up.

The last question, best results for male enhancement say it, or do not say it Li Changgeng It is you who want to go against the sky, do not implicate us Li Changshou nodded slowly, his eyelids slowly dropped, the Hunyuan Jindou in his hand was about to turn immediately, while Chan Jiao Xian was about to make his move, Yun Xiao, Daoist Duobao, Qiong Xiao, and Our Lady of Turtle Spirit were about to fight immediately.

In the next instant when the flames engulfed the master, Li Yang rushed directly into the flame energy, slashing a huge slash with one shot, tearing a hole in the explosive flame energy.

If he could see the blood vessels deep in his cells, he would be able to discover that it contained a complete and powerful genetic blood vessel.

Yan Jun, he has a real ability.The Jade Emperor raised his face, and the immortals and gods in Lingxiao Hall were silent for a while.

Let the drums be louder, I what is yohimbe used for can not hear you In the clouds, Li Changshou is paper Taoist best results for male enhancement sat quietly, pointed out a low table made of clouds and mist, took out a pot of Yaochi special brew, and drank himself in the sky.

Help In the next second, the teenager screamed in panic, and the body that fell to the best results for male enhancement ground kicked his legs frantically, pulling himself back, trying to avoid the black snake.

Li Yang opened his eyes, black rays of light appeared in his eyes, and then a tyrannical momentum emerged spontaneously from the inside out.

Second Master, what is the Qingquan Chamber of Commerce Lin Jiuzong asked suspiciously, tilting his head.

Do not best results for male enhancement apologize to Xingjun You know, if Xingjun had not rescued him back then, the Shang Kingdom would have been broken long ago Where best results for male enhancement did you two come from Yin Hong and Yin Jiao is eyes were red, looking at Youqin Xuanya is stern pretty face, and then looking up at Li Changshou is figure.

After that, Lin Jiuzong continued to devour the meat and broth in the tin, and then continued to punch.

All of them are second rate peak masters, and their strength is only lower than that of first class masters.

Therefore, monkeys must be born after turning Hu into Buddha.When the luck of Buddhism is completely stabilized, the stone monkey can be inspired to come erection pills for young men natural ways to improve testosterone levels into best results for male enhancement the world Compared with the monkey is stone fetal prenatal education, Li Changshou still pays more attention to Lao Jun is shot this time.

After the initial shock, Kyushu people quickly accepted the truth.They lived in Snake Catching Village and integrated with the villagers here to build their own village together.

I saw that a section of charred black came into view, and the broken position of the ancient tree seemed to have been scorched by flames, filled with charred black matter.

This is a human being. In front of a desperate situation, he looks like such a waste.It is simply ugly, not as good as a beast Li Yang admits that he is not a good idea It is just that he did not mean to kill at first, and he best results for male enhancement called How long does male enhancement pills last .

2.Best medicine for sex & best results for male enhancement

male penis pump extender enlargement stretcher enhancement device auto massager

Why do beta blockers cause impotence Snake Sea just to deter them and force them to hand over the scriptures.

Otherwise, Li Yang is amused words before are true.It is just that it will take some time for those vitality and warmth to fully restore Lang Jing is vitality, so now Lang Jing feels that he prescription sex pills is in a panic.

The receptionist said The plan of the Taoist ancestor is something that you and my master and apprentice can not think of, so do not worry about it.

Then, a best way to keep penis hard violent wind sounded. I saw that the black giant python twisted best results for male enhancement and pulled back its tail.At the same time, the long best results for male enhancement tail rolled around, directly wrapping Shaolin Abbot is body, and dragging Shaolin Abbot to it.

The medium stove is probably in the middle stage of the meat realm, and there are not many people, only how to help husband with erectile dysfunction four people.

At the same time, in order to prevent the fox demon from using his tactics, he personally best results for male enhancement monitored the entire forging process.

The Tiger King roared up to the sky, and best results for male enhancement then jumped out of the pit.Whoa However, in the next second, a large net with countless steel needles fell from the sky, directly covering the Tiger King in the air.

But some people are content with the status quo, and lose their enterprising spirit after they have achieved best results for male enhancement certain achievements.

Snake blood splattered everywhere, a strong bloody eruption, and the entire snake pit was filled with an extremely strong bloody smell.

Li best results for male enhancement Changshou did not dare to look back, he was afraid that he could not help thinking too much, he was afraid that he would break his mind.

Perhaps, he can find a way to restore his complete memory of Uncle Chang an.Jade Ding said I am afraid it is another calculation, cialis for sale montreal Daozu wants Chanjiao to oppose the heavenly court, to break the teacher is eternal invincible fortune, and thus take action on the teacher.

Then, Bai Xiang stared at Li Yang who attacked it with a pair of fierce eyes.In an instant, an extremely ferocious aura came over him hard to imagine A white elephant actually has the kind of ferocious aura that carnivores have, and it looks so ferocious and brutal.

It was as if Li Yang had done something unacceptable and filthy best results for male enhancement to him. Li Is ordering viagra online safe .

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What to do if viagra gives you a headache Yang was speechless when he heard it.Children, people are not big, there best results for male enhancement are quite a lot of plays subsequently Li Yang still did not eat Lin Jiuzong is wolf meat, because after all best results for male enhancement these wolf meats were given to Lin Jiuzong as a supplement.

The little thing is quite best results for male enhancement sensible and knows how to pull it outside.After Li Yang finished pulling the cake, Lin Dazhuang is mother in law just came over to see this scene, grinned suddenly, and lifted Li Yang is seven inches.

In the bottom of his heart, there were best results for male enhancement suddenly a lot of best results for male enhancement feelings, and Li Changshou suppressed viagra 100mg uses these feelings and let the body slowly digest.

Big black pig, what are you looking at, I poisoned you He cursed best results for male enhancement inwardly, the wolf king is body was huge and pitch black, and in Li Yang is eyes, it was like an extra large black pig.

In his body, the warm current that contained the gluttonous bloodline had merged with Li Yang can being sick cause erectile dysfunction is original bloodline by one tenth.

They also reported their own martial arts before, but the other party was not a bird at all. At first, they thought that Lin Jiuzong had this temperament, and they did not care too much.Now, it seems that this product is completely disdainful The most important thing is that the person who came to power was in his Does apple juice give you a bigger penis .

3.Can you have high libido with low testosterone

How to increase my testosterone thirties, best results for male enhancement and at first glance he looked like someone from the previous generation.

The golden silk cassock, full curly hair, big earlobes, and rich treasures. Almost laughed.Cough, do not think about your first acquaintance with Brother Duobao, and do not think about the heroic appearance of Senior Brother Duobao when you fought with Qiqing incarnation.

Jiuzong, come here for the best herbs for men first time. Second Uncle Lin and Lin Jiuzong got off the horse, and then led the horses into the town.There are imperial guards in the town, and it is stipulated here that horses are not allowed to ride in the best results for male enhancement town, otherwise they will all go to prison to reflect.

The laughter of Xu Bodhi drifted in the forest, Congratulations to Daoist Duobao for being the leader of the great sect, and the poor Daoist will send a congratulatory gift another best results for male enhancement day The real body did not know where to go.

Because there are too many precepts for monks, far more than Taoist priests. Moreover, Shaolin Temple is a best results for male enhancement place with extremely best results for male enhancement strict rules and precepts. Once you join, it will be extremely difficult to return to the secular world.But Wudang is different, as long as you want, you how do you stop premature ejaculation naturally can return to the secular best results for male enhancement world and become a lay disciple at any time.

Ordinary demonic energy will not trigger Tianlei, so Erekt Male Enhancement Pills best results for male enhancement this kind of restraint is already very good.The huge body left the position where best results for male enhancement it was split into crystals by the thunder, found a big mountain again, and then climbed to the top of the mountain.

The boxing score best results for male enhancement reads The Big Five After opening the boxing manual, Li Yang saw five pictures at a glance.

Later, it was the picture that the TV best results for male enhancement station refused to broadcast.As part of the Archmage is plan, there was no cycling testosterone boosters life in Little Qiongfeng last night Not even a spirit beast In short, it is very best results for male enhancement stable, and the archmage can be considered successful in how long does it take to get hard revenge, and continues to fall into the problem of being chased and beaten by Wen Jing.

The nine tailed fox was bound by the coconut roots and erectile dysfunction immortal rope again and knelt in the center of the high platform.

However, Dudou liked this feeling very much, and it best results for male enhancement took the opportunity to refine that breath of vitality so that it could transform itself as soon as possible.

Another old monkey said, Your Majesty, best results for male enhancement it is not really good for us to fight with the heavenly court.

Just, suddenly.Li Changshou already understood what was about to happen at this moment, and he stood up from a cross best results for male enhancement shaped sitting, frowning at the situation here, making a posture of alertness, but did not take the initiative to speak.

At this moment, Li Yang was thinking, he did not expect that the world he wore through the ring was actually such a world.

Li Changshou was silent at the moment, sitting quietly on the cloud, closing his eyes and thinking.The immortals of the Intercepting best results for male enhancement Sect came today, in fact, the main purpose was to support Li Changshou, not to come and fight with the Chan Sect, after all, after the beheading, the two sects best results for male enhancement no longer have to divide life and death.

In addition, the stench of blood that was spilled or spewed out of him, pieces of internal organs, etc.

Li Changshou carefully observed the aptitude of the stone monkey, and soon seemed to be suffocating old vinegar.

Outsiders could only see a erectile dysfunction clinics in memphis tn dark red flame rushing to the left and right, and the dozen or so golden immortals were unable to support them, and a few people vomited blood by the backlash of the great formation.

Because Li How to supress an erection .

4.Does enalapril cause erectile dysfunction

Is sildenafil over the counter Yang is physical strengthening is a comprehensive improvement. Not as weak as other beast animals.Just like a wolf with a copper head and a bean curd waist, the hard part is really hard, and the soft part is really soft enough.

Like falling into a mill, the last bones were gone, leaving only a mass of rotten flesh and bones. Li Yang let go of his tail, best results for male enhancement and a mass of rotten meat fell to the ground.All the Shaolin monks widened their eyes and looked at that mass of rotten flesh that could not be best results for male enhancement seen as a person in horror.

For a time, the Wudang faction was vaguely divided into best results for male enhancement two parts.A part of it is headed by Qingwei Zhenren, including the peak masters of the Thirty six Peaks, hundreds of elders, and thousands of disciples.

In.This is the reward for Marshal Youqin Zhao Gongming said with a smile, and then surrendered to the Jade Emperor best results for male enhancement and the fake Taibai again and again, and let the four generals Zhaobao, Nazhen, Zhaocai, and Lishi best results for male enhancement move forward, carrying the gold ingot and flew out of the Lingxiao best results for male enhancement Palace.

Sure enough, he could not keep Huaguo Mountain. best results for male enhancement Roaring sound, sword whistling.The golden cudgel was vibrating constantly, resisting the numerous magic weapons that Nezha bombarded.

He is also a beast king The Beast King in the early stage of the Bone best results for male enhancement Realm can at most provide him with nourishment of qi and blood that increases by ten centimeters.

Instead, he suppressed it with his own qi and blood, and then used the qi and blood of his own qi and blood wrapped around the blood of his heart to circulate the whole body, refining it into his own qi and blood.

Duke Dongmu suddenly made a steal and rushed to Youqin best results for male enhancement Xuanya is side in two steps, bowed his head and knelt down, shouting loudly Your Majesty Taibaijinxing worked hard and made great achievements, made far reaching plans for the heavenly court, and made illustrious military prime labs testosterone booster exploits for the heavenly court.

That young Taoist who likes to pretend to be an old Taoist The old fairy who slapped him on the cloud with a slap Arranged for him all the way, determined his destiny, and finally returned everything to his best results for male enhancement bastard.

Li Yang lives in Wudang Mountain every day, immersed in such a sacred place of martial arts, and under the influence of his eyes and ears every day, he naturally understands some methods of attack.

Of course, this method is extremely best results for male enhancement damaging to potential, but it is simply the best choice for people who have exhausted their potential and have not been able to make progress for several years or even decades.

But that is all.Li Changshou had already returned to the prehistoric world, secretly burying a large number of dark thunders.

The naked ridicule immediately made Lin Jiuzong is face flush, and then his feet suddenly stepped out, and his figure rushed out.

Jin Chan will be born in three hundred years Has the Book Retriever been arranged is not that the moment when the monkey returns from his studies and interacts wildly with the heaven That is right, it best results for male enhancement seems that Jin Chanzi not only reincarnates once, but has to go through nine or ten times in the reincarnation.

Now How much does squatting increase testosterone .

How to take viagra to get the best results ?

  • cialis and vision loss
    At Lingshan, between Intercept and the West, just waiting for a streamer to swipe, there will be thousands of streamers lasing Just waiting for an order to kill, there will be some masters who do not know how to smash the halberd in Xizhou Even with such powerful masters as Duobao and Our Lady of the Golden Spirit, the heartstrings are so tense that they are almost broken.
  • hung male enhancement pills
    With the power of calculation, Taijitu can calculate many possibilities in the future and the Chaos Clock runs through the long rivers of time, watching many ancient and ancient times that were regarded as taboo by the Tao of Heaven.
  • cialis tadalafil 20mg tablets
    Could it be Chang Geng, really do not want to see Jiang Shang The Jade Emperor incarnated for a while and decided to wait another half a year.
  • mens miracle health male enhancement
    Ling e blinked, not understanding why. Realm, it really is not enough realm.Okay, watch here, Li Changshou said with a smile, I moved my mind male enhancement dr miami away from Zhidao Ren, this little general is going to go out again to check the law and order.
  • does losing weight help you last longer in bed
    A rapid and empty roar came, and Li Changshou is paper daoist in the forest suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky.

Does tamsulosin help erectile dysfunction everyone best results for male enhancement knows that once the king of the giant python is discovered, I am afraid that it will usher in the full blow of the major forces in the Kyushu Xia people But now, Li Yang wants to study the five best results for male enhancement marrows, and he has no intention to entangle with them.

After the news spread all over the rivers and lakes, countless Is robust a viagra .

5.Best erectile dysfunction pills review

How to make your penis bigger in size rivers and lakes also set off for Suzhou, wanting to witness the battle of side effects of ed medications contemporary peerless geniuses.

Brothers, the younger brother has been begging for an opponent for a long time, and now he can not wait, so the younger brother is rude once and is the first to fight.

When his arms corresponded back and forth, there was a force of opening and closing to accept them.Lin Jiuzong took a step forward with his left foot, and stood with his feet in the shape of a tee, with his knees closed, his front foot still empty, his right foot still solid, his legs bent like a bow, like a golden rooster striding.

Only now did he understand the strength of his special physique.Cultivation is as simple as eating and drinking, and the fluctuations of one is qi and blood cultivation base are stronger day by day.

Heart of. does propecia cause erectile dysfunction If it is once or twice, that is all.The problem is that Li Jing has been fishing for the demon clan for three months, and he has fought dozens of times, and he still maintains this situation.

The huge Yuan force condensed in the black spear, causing the god king to move above the spear blade, as if it were real.

But it was Li Yang who stepped out ahead of schedule and smoothed life cbd male enhancement out the dangers along the way.He directly relied on the ability of the snake to find the mountain thief is cottage, and then got into it was a total abuse.

And the killing of the saints fundamentally changed the fate of Honghuang, so that the later Daozu had to tear off the hypocritical face that he had disguised before, directly descended the heavenly punishment best results for male enhancement to destroy the interception, and pushed the Fengshen with all his strength.

Back at the top how can i increase my free testosterone of the mountain where the wooden house was, Li Yang prepared to deal with the inflammatory substance.

Hey, you are very daring and fat.Believe it or not, I beat you When the old Taoist was dragged by the young Taoist, he immediately blew his beard and stared.

The vitality of the heavens and the earth is impure and not refined. It needs to be refined with the physical body, and the pure vitality is extracted from best results for male enhancement it. And this process is between a breath and a breath.Breathing in contains a large amount of vitality, absorbing pure and pure, exhaling, spit out mixed gas, scattered into the void world.

All the previous Buddhas of all ages have pushed open the door of arrival for this deity.The Buddha of the past should exist in the past, the Buddha of the future should exist in the future, and you and I only exist Tiger King Male Enhancement Pills in this world.

When I wanted to ask something, my grandfather did not say a word.The next day, I could not find my grandpa again, I do not know where he went, because he could not be found in best results for male enhancement any way, as if he had disappeared out of thin air.

Even if the Zhou army seized does stretching increase penis size Chaoge City today, even if they seized the fortune, they would not be able to gain a foothold in the business land.

Li Changshou flicked his best results for male enhancement fingers, and the jade talismans in front of him were scattered on the table, and he was randomly fiddling with his fingers.

Li Yang was very happy at this time, and the alcohol of the monkey wine shot straight to his soul, giving him a feeling of chaotic consciousness.

Just let me do other things, you do not have to best results for male enhancement carry too much. You, like Sun best results for male enhancement Wukong, are my favorite gods.Yang Jian frowned, the memories in his heart were already linked best results for male enhancement How to get a sample of viagra .

6.How to increase penis size permanently & best results for male enhancement

viagra for men 25mg

How to get an erection without medicine together, and the pain viagra and sperm count of tearing his soul had dissipated.

The sage received and ordered him to preach for the disciples, and he self confidently made the disciples convinced by using the principle best results for male enhancement of all emptiness and illusion, and finally silence.

Kongming Daoxin suppressed the main body, Li Changshou incarnated as the information processing terminal of Mude is feelings, and collected information about the battle between Nezha and Wukong as much as possible.

This pair of eyesight simply made Do bodybuilders have low libido .

Does sildenafil cause headaches Lin Jiuzong admire him. Lin Jiuzong kamagra vs viagra forum nodded quickly, yes, he was indeed Taking Male Enhancement Pills prime labs testosterone booster going to start punching today. Well, the progress is good. I want to teach you a push foods that can help with ed hand for the teacher. Push hand is specially designed to deal with the application of body and method.You can add the connection between zhuanggong and boxing to increase your practice speed and foundation.

I want to apologize first, but I suddenly realize that I do not know the name of the black snake Li Yang, and I feel embarrassed.

Suddenly, he thought that tips to make you last longer in bed if he used this venom to bite a person, would he be able to kill him all at once.

Do you understand this The fuzzy figure of Boss Tu nodded slowly.Is there any problem Seeing all the spirits best results for male enhancement shaking their heads, Li Changshou smiled and said, This is just best results for male enhancement looking generic cialis for daily use forward to the future, we still have to vascular erectile dysfunction symptoms be practical, and start accumulating the power to overthrow Dao Ancestor from now on.

A set of merit and karma system, as the reward and punishment of heaven.According to the bottom level Dao of Heaven, yin and yang grow in each other, clear and turbid annihilate each other, and yin and yang are generally stable.

The roar of the Yuan Li giant python sounded again, and it appeared in front of Li Yang is slash, with a powerful Yuan force in its mouth, and aimed at the slash and sprayed out.

It is also best results for male enhancement on this logical basis that Li Changshou found the way to break the situation today. It is fine now, that is pretty good. It is equivalent to the teacher is steady best results for male enhancement hand and more insurance.Li Changshou raised his finger again and clicked on best results for male enhancement the chain in front of Tongtian Sect Master, best results for male enhancement then best results for male enhancement closed his eyes and concentrated.

Since it has been discovered, it can only be preemptive At this moment, there is only one thought in the leader is mind Just got it I saw that prime labs testosterone booster Do Male Enhancement Pills Work the leader best medicine to increase testosterone turned into a black shadow soaring into the sky, and then punched towards the wolf king.

He stretched out his hand and touched Li Yang is body, and then stretched out his finger to lightly flick Li Yang is snake scales.

Li Yang put down the two villagers and then took out his black spear.The black spear is sharp edged blade is condensed with red inflammatory power, forming a layer of fiery divine light.

Today, Ao Yi is also one of the most powerful marshals in Heavenly Court outside Wubu Continent.There are not only a large number of military generals who can street drugs that cause erectile dysfunction conquer and fight Taking Male Enhancement Pills prime labs testosterone booster well, but also best results for male enhancement Panther Male Enhancement Pills many best results for male enhancement masters of the Dragon Clan who can come to the rescue at any time.

His eyes were shining brightly, and he began to search for something in the sea of snakes.At the same time, the high ranking masters of the Shaolin Temple began best results for male enhancement to organize the roman ed drug monks to suppress the unrest caused by despair.

Chang Geng, what else do you have to do Master, what you said is a game out of thin air, but a deduction No, no deduction, Daozu said indifferently, The How to cure premature ejaculation and last longer in bed .

7.Why would viagra stop working

Why does my penis tip sting when I get hard flood is just a chessboard, so what is the use of best results for male enhancement deductions and assumptions Let this matter continue to happen.

Xu Bodhi showed joy, got up and said, Thank you, teacher.The receptionist asked, Where do you penis enlargment injections want to practice The disciple seems to best results for male enhancement have occupied the cave before.

If Yuanshi Tianzun chooses the road of Sanqing and anti sky, he does not even have to leave.If Yuanshi Tianzun still best results for male enhancement uses the rhetoric of blessing and heeling to prevaricate, he can only make the second uncle and the third uncle completely opposed to each other, and dispel the unrealistic illusion of best results for male enhancement the third uncle.

Under the best results for male enhancement pressure of the horse stance, Lin Dazhuang is body is like a rock, and his feet are like tiger claws grasping the ground.

The burly old Daoist had a dark face, lowered his head and stared at Li Changshou outside the what are sexual enhancers door, and said angrily Li Changshou cupped his hands and walked to the low table in front of the Taoist ancestor.

Perhaps Chanjiao believes in the Mandate of Heaven, but I do not believe in the Human Religion, nor do the best results for male enhancement Human Race, Li Changshou stared at Guangchengzi, The Human Race has not come to this day because of the so called destiny.

The body of 27 meters is very long, best results for male enhancement so in the process of strengthening, the consumption of warm current is also very large.

However, for decades, the Monkey Spirit of Water Curtain Cave has become the overlord of Huaguo Mountain.

Then in the next instant, Li Yang is snake tail pierced the air, and the leading master suddenly appeared on the snake low libido on testosterone tail.

Li Changshou breathed a sigh of relief. generic brand of viagra The desire to talk just now should when will cialis be available over the counter not affect their feelings about themselves.After they came out of the big formation, Li Changshou just opened his eyes, glanced at the hall that had changed a bit, and told Simei the Dharma best results for male enhancement natural ways to make you last longer in bed protector to continue the work of adapting to the identity of Xu Bodhi.

Okay, Li Changshou immediately sat down with his legs crossed, with a little light shining from his forehead, blending with the ripples around Simei is body.

The arc shaped light wave looks like light, but in fact it is still the essence of energy, just a special attack through the magic weapon.

Seeing the young life lying there in silence, no one could be happy.When he best results for male enhancement came to Shitou is house, Shitou is father looked prime labs testosterone booster at the corpse on the stretcher, and he was stunned all of a sudden, staring blankly at Shitou is corpse.

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